Chapter 2.1



Sometimes, when you’re ascending at your success, you will fight against arduous situation that will make you think about the choice of the right way.
Hold on and think about it, then think another time before make your choice. Don’t make hasty decision, you’ll be wrong, don’t destroy something that might be positive.

The TRUTH, unvarnished, is every time the right choice. Find it and take it close. Have you ever heard about (from) musicians or artists (which were) ripped off by the wrong way?Well, I thought that’s good to put some realistic and truthful statement that you must accept though you don’t like it. Then, don’t be angry with me because this statement are veritable, I’ve not invented it, this statement are simply the truth that might be settle during your musical career. Might be a good thing(It might be better) to know and learn those statement, not necessarily by heart, you can also make a list of it and read it when it will be useful.

STATEMENT #1. Certainly you have ever know from your parents this byword “Everything at right age”, this is the most suitable case of that phrase.
Because if you have more than 26 year old and you are just approaching this fascinating world, trying to found the way to make money with your music, I have only to tell you: “Welcome to hell”. It will not a piece of cake to find the right way that will get you to make a contract between you and a label.
Why I told this?
Just because labels know that musicians, between 15 and 25 years old, make a genre of music that attract much more people for this business. On the other hand for “old people”, they will be set aside, waiting for someone who approach it with a sake. Fortunately nowadays there are the possibility to self-publish their own recording with affordable costs without waiting for ages.

STATEMENT #2. If your music, isn’t what teenagers are listen to, yes I’m talking about commercial music already called “money-making”, don’t expect to make millions or to be on Top 10 for many weeks. Take it easy: You are almost lucky if you are in the last of these chart or the least of it. Don’t be angry with teen, they are searching every year to a new hit and when they found it they listen it like the star of the year;
This commercial entertainment goes like this: TAKE, USE AND WASTE IT.

STATEMENT #3. If you can’t bear the costs of your album, trust me, don’t exist free links or “Word of mouth” that will lead you to success.
It seems obvious; like you needed the money for recording, for the studies, their own equipment, mastering and production, so you'll need for the promotion and also for the shipping costs.
I am always dumb, especially today, to see the high number of musicians (which I have not met personally, but only virtually, by phone or e-mail), which are expected to receive positive results and maybe well funded for the their product, without sacrificing a penny for their promotion basic...RECEIVE AND RECEIVE, WITHOUT GIVING.
Always remember ... you're the writer of the songs, and then the sole owner. Do not wait for others to offer you money when you haven’t taken the first step to make the product already sold.

STATEMENT #4. Live Events: Stop playing like in the past. Protect yourself both legally and financially, through a contract signed by both parties that request in advance a deposit. This is not a castle far-fetched, but a reality, that will help you to cover early expenses related to the upcoming events. 
Take it this way: You have to understand that if you do not put "in line" with the money.... you will continue to lose money and soon you will go in against financial disasters, and in any case would always be a risk of not being paid after your every performance.

Long story short, I have listed 4 points That can accept or reject, but That will remain TRUTH.
These will serve to orient you and support your career on the basis of the most successful. The acceptance of these truths immediately takes precedence. It 's time for you to change the helm and put the boat on the right path ... THE REAL WAY OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS.



Chapter 1.

Rent a recording studio is not a massive cost.
Anyone can find a room with affordable price, and come out with enough material to make a CD, right?

What is meant do with it? This is a great question that I'm going to answer below, waiting for your comments or questions relating to various points, in other words are the same ones that create music business.

I begin by saying that, "Making Music and the Living Your Music "is not the same thing, but the whole changes, when it comes to finding the economic way, resulting in the exposure of your product; only then can you begin to look forward to.

We open the first lesson.
Business is very reluctant in calling for new and "unknown" music. The so-called Music Businessmen prefer to finance top artists level to boost their finances. And then, what to do?

1. You have to make people aware of your music, creating product request, attracting the attention of all the people who matter in this business, and that control all areas of Access to expose new music, I'm talking about record labels, distributors, shops, the Agents of live performance, without forget the radio, TV and print. I know, seems easy, but isn’t true.
Remember, no one waits for no one, you must find the way to make these people interested in working with and for you. I assume since I have said that your intention to record your own music, was to find yourself in the hands of a record label. Well, but you have the right contacts and cash funds to distribute, promote, publicize your music and play it correctly in front of a public?
Too many artists and groups spend all their funds in the recording and then in the production of their music, without saving a part of it to promote it at the appropriate time.

2. The music world has two sides. There is the creativity of the composer and rehearsals to play this music in a perfect way, and the side of the live events, always if you want that people listen to your music ... the music business.

3.To start hold as long as possible, the control of your music, your sales and the promotion of the CD.
Unfortunately, I know many people, who among other things, they pass off as Agents, which contact with you, promising to sign in a few days with a label, which in turn the same make your band famous.
Do not believe the Music Business is easy like that.... Indeed, unfortunately in this world, we are “surrounded by sharks” who in order to achieve success, do anything, and I'm sure you know to what I mean. The real point is that nowadays there are so many bands who are saying "In the coming days will sign with a label. "

Do not forget a very important thing:

- The musicians who are worried about money, before you even know how work this business; will be condemned to misery eternal and frustration.

I do not understand how one can speak of a possible success, not realizing that it is just beginning ... I mean it's like putting the cart before the horse. Remember, before anything there is music, and then below there are some questions that will you do to yourself, inherent in this business.

Here are some important:

  • What is a copyright?
  • What is the role of a publisher?
  • What happens when you sign with a label?
  • Why we pay it?
  • What is a royalty?

These are the first questions that your mind should be considered before to recording and producing a Cd.
But, I would like to bring other important questions that you should consider in order to attract right people, close to your music. I will not answer the questions posed, and that will put the followed. I want to see if you can replicate without ask for my help. If my behavior, what I'm writing in this article, I seem arrogant, then do not you understand nothing. Sometimes it can and will happen it may seem hard, do not beat yourself up, and just try to warn you of what can go against if you do not learn the basics of Music Business. I like to eat the cake and not turn it them around. In a nutshell, I like to be frank and sincere. I'm sure, one day; you will remember my words...I know, it's hard to achieve success, but you have make an examination of conscience, and ask you if you want really fight to compete in this business, or just keep playing like a pleasure or like a hobby.

Let's go on with the questions, which will help you organize things that need to be done:

They are:

  • How should it be designed the CD cover?
  • What information should be printed within the product?
  • Should I sell my music during my shows?
  • What do I require the distributor to advertise my music?
  • At what price should I sell my CDs?
  • My music will play on the radio?
  • How does the radio to choose the music?
  • What could the media talk about my music?
  • In what clubs I play?

For the moment, I would say that enough, I could list other thousand questions, but let's start with small steps.

After 25 years of supporting musicians, responding to their various issues, my library is crowded with demos, LPs CDs ... All good music, but this is the drama ... It is only GOOD music, which, unfortunately, Music Business is overcrowded by the same ...Each day out + of new 1000 groups / Artists, and then the labels are forced to invest only in excellent MUSIC, to get a sale positive. Try to find the answers to all the questions that I posed above, and if you really care about your music and you're sure to get a good feedback, then, do not stop , go ahead, Protect your songs preparing them for the business.


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